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SingularITY University

Faculty Chair, MedicinE & NEUROSCIENCE


Exponential medicine



Daniel has chaired Medicine for Singularity University Since its 2008 Inception.


In 2011 Daniel founded Exponential Medicine which has grown from a 90 participant program to over 600 participants meeting each fall at the iconic Hotel del Coronado. Next program November 4-7th, 2019

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Daniel has served as an advisor to XPRIZE since 2009, and helped conceive and develop the $10M Tricorder XPRIZE.  In 2016 he was enlisted to develop a new XPRIZE focused on cancer, and led a team which developed the Global Cancer XPRIZE focused on early cancer detection. His team was voted the top new XPRIZE concept at the 2016 visioneering event, as is now being further developed, with plans to launch in 2018.


Exponential Partners is a early stage VC focused on funding startups leveraging fast moving technologies.  Daniel serves as chief medical advisor.

Biotech Nation (hosted by Moira Gunn) and heard on NPR Stations established Tech Nation Health as weekly segment. Daniel serves as Chief Medical Correspondent and brings a new topic to light each episode.